Certis’s cash Management and Processing services help financial institutions and Banks to manage their cash vaults and cash processing more efficiently, at a lower cost. We offer advanced machinery, expertise and trained staff to process large volumes of cash, with security, speed and accuracy demanded by current markets. We offer a fully integrated approach to managing the supply chain of cash, from point of collection to sorting, delivering and making bank deposits.


We offer

  • Counting , sorting and Notes Bundling
  • Vault Outsourcing & Management
  • Deposits Processing

Related services

Cashiering services

We offer permanent cashier services for your outlets and office for long term operations or to fulfil short term staff requirements. When you are having promotional sales or seasonal sales, let our trained staff take over your burden of cashiering including depositing the proceeds of your sales to your bank with the protection of armed guards.

Pay-packet preparation and distribution

We could provide solutions for your HR department to streamline preparation of Pay Packets and Salary distributions to your staff in office, Factories, or Garments etc, island wide. We at Certis will eliminate your risk of transportation of Salary, or Pay Packets and even distribute to your staff individually at work desk; providing you with E2E solution so that your daily operation is not disrupted.

banner smHigh Security Transportation Services.

An integral part of our comprehensive service range includes solutions for the prompt transportation of cash and valuables.

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