Our portfolio of services includes;


Our ‘Security, Transportation’ service provides protected and secured transportation for our client's confidential documents, valuables, and high priced merchandise. Our teams' security officers are specially trained for this task and have the appropriate experience in transporting high-priced merchandise. We utilize a methodical approach to the security transportation by employing both a transport vehicle with an unmarked scout vehicle that travels ahead en route to the destination. Both vehicles maintain constant communication during the procedure to minimize the potential of any high risk problems. You are assured that your special items will arrive safely at your defined destination.


Keeping cash available throughout your ATM network is critical to the success of your ATM channel and consumer interactions. Partnering with Certis Secure Logistics can simplify your day-to-day operational responsibilities by providing cash replenishment and deposit pick-up services via armored car companies.

The technology, which we use presently is unmatched by other service providers. We are in possession of the latest sorting, bundling, note and coin counters and ultra violet counterfeit note detection equipment for local as well as foreign currencies. We have the support of our sister Company Certis Lanka Technology & Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd., which provides electronic security systems to suit all our customer requirements.


Certis Lanka provides reliable, flexible and cost effective salary packaging services to a range of organizations across Sri Lanka.

We recognize that the benefits of salary packaging and delivery of a responsive service option are important elements in an organizational HR strategy designed to attract and retain the right staff. We underwrite these service standards with performance guarantees to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers.


Certis’s cash Management and Processing services help financial institutions and Banks to manage their cash vaults and cash processing more efficiently, at a lower cost. We offer advanced machinery, expertise and trained staff to process large volumes of cash, with security, speed and accuracy demanded by current markets. We offer a fully integrated approach to managing the supply chain of cash, from point of collection to sorting, delivering and making bank deposits.


We offer

  • Counting , sorting and Notes Bundling
  • Vault Outsourcing & Management
  • Deposits Processing

Related services

Cashiering services

We offer permanent cashier services for your outlets and office for long term operations or to fulfil short term staff requirements. When you are having promotional sales or seasonal sales, let our trained staff take over your burden of cashiering including depositing the proceeds of your sales to your bank with the protection of armed guards.

Pay-packet preparation and distribution

We could provide solutions for your HR department to streamline preparation of Pay Packets and Salary distributions to your staff in office, Factories, or Garments etc, island wide. We at Certis will eliminate your risk of transportation of Salary, or Pay Packets and even distribute to your staff individually at work desk; providing you with E2E solution so that your daily operation is not disrupted.


Our cash counting is one of the most valued and time saving services on offer. Essentially our cash counting is the same as our cash collection service, but the only difference is that the cash that is collected will be taken back to our depot where it will be sorted and counted. Once your cash has been counted and verified, it will then be either electronically transferred or deposited into your bank.


Daily transaction records are a vital part of a bank. The company offers customers a special service where they keep their transaction records under lock and key in specially constructed safes fabricated for data storage purposes. The pick-up and delivery of these storage tapes are an additional service provided by us.


We also provide Vault and secured storage facilities to our clients for their valuables including safe keeping of important documents and data. Financial institutions use our vault facility for overnight storage of excess cash or valuable items that are collected from their branches island wide.

Benefits to our customers

  • Manage cost of insurance
  • Eliminate security Risk
  • Manage resources better and concentrate on core-businesses.

Whatever you deem valuable should always be kept safe - whether it’s a family heirloom, a priceless antique, a very special piece of jewellery, a collection of rare stamps or coins - or even vital documents. That’s why we’d like to offer you a safe deposit locker, held in our top security vault. Because with our safe deposit lockers you are assured of maximum protection for all your valuables.


We provide industries and corporate with armed/unarmed escort and service for cargos. Such services are mostly availed by banks, corporates, airlines, etc. to escort Individuals or Cargos between destinations

  • Retail Collections

  • Foreign Currency Transport

  • Cashier Services


High Security Transportation Services

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